Please take a moment to consider the value you place in your personal relationship with your physician.

It’s about you.....it’s about time

Remember back when your doctor sat down and listened to you without time limitations...when waiting rooms weren’t overcrowded...when appointment dates and times weren’t delayed...when your doctor provided you same day appointments...when your doctor returned your phone calls quickly and personally...when doctors made home visits in time of need.

We at Hilton Head Health & Wellness Associates are pleased to be entering our sixth year offering patients a comprehensive membership program to meet their health needs.

Breakthroughs in the medical field have revolutionized healthcare and continue to provide patients with unprecedented diagnostic and treatment alternatives. But quality medical care goes far beyond science and technology-it is about individuals who deserve a personal caring touch. We have to recognize that insurance companies and government agencies simply can't pay for all the care you might need at the level of service you expect.

With doctors today being forced to see thousands of patients, personalized healthcare has, unfortunately, seemed relegated to a thing of the past. Services like flexible, open appointment scheduling, easy telephone and email access to your doctor, and extended length visits are not covered or paid for by insurance, but these non-covered services make a huge difference in your care and the way you are treated in a doctor's office. It is time to go back to the basics.

Hilton Head Health & Wellness Associates has created a unique program to continue to provide the human touch necessary to gain understanding into today’s confusing world of medicine.

"Over the last 10 years, it has been a privilege to develop mutually respectful and lasting relationships with my patients and their families. This is a privilege I wish to continue." ........ Dr. Wayne Johnson 

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