Hello and Welcome to our practice. If you have chosen Hilton HeadHealth and Wellness Associates as your medical home, you are amongst some of the most innovative and progressive of healthcare consumers. Along with the movement towards consumer-driven healthcare has come a more discriminating patient, one that insists on greater access, more time with their provider, faster responsiveness to requests, a practice that is more respectful of the their time and a more comfortable, more relaxed environment in which to be seen. These are the missions of our practice.

In order to facilitate this mission and a long-term relationship with our practice, we ask that you take a few seconds to read our practice policies below prior to your first visit.

Medical Records - If you are new to the practice, we ask that you provide the names and fax numbers of all of your previous providers – both primary care and specialists, preferably well in advance of your first visit. We will provide a medical release form to facilitate this process. Also, in your medical travels, please remind your providers to send copies of your visit notes and/or studies to our practice.

On the Day of Your Visit – Our registration process does not require you to fill out any forms and takes less than three minutes to complete. Arriving early is not necessary, but to maintain minimal wait times for all of our patients, we do ask that you arrive on time or call ahead if you are running late. Scheduled Appointments – We will call you with a reminder the business day before your appointment. In return, we ask that you kindly cancel appointments with as much advance notice as possible so that we may
reserve that time slot for another patient.

Phone Consultations – We have found that there are occasions when our patients simply cannot make it into the office to be treated, such as during travel. Available to our patients with a credit/debit card on file, we offer the convenience of phone consultations for a fee of $25 during office hours and $50 for an after office hours consultation. For our membership plan patients, there is no charge for this service.

After-Hours Care – We try to be readily accessible to our family of patients because we believe that your health is always urgent. To this end, we have office hours six days weekly. If you need schedule an afterhours appointment for urgent or emergent care, we offer this increase in access for a surcharge of $50. For our membership plan patients, there is no charge for this service.

Medication Refills – Our goal is to minimize the need for you to request medication refills outside the context of our scheduled office visits. Requests for medication refills are generally an indication of a breakdown in our practice system – either we failed to give you enough refills to make it to your next appointment, or a follow-up appointment was not made or kept at the recommended interval. If you are calling for a prescription refill, it is possible that you are due for a routine follow-up visit. We ask
that you schedule an appointment so that we can have an opportunity to dedicate some time to your medical problems. However, if we failed to provide you with enough refills, please give us 24 hours advance notice before your run out of your prescription so that we may fax in your refill.

Cell Phones – During your appointment, please allow us the opportunity to maximize our time spent with you in the examination room by refraining from cell phone use.

Referrals / Studies – Coordination of care is a time-intensive process. If you are referred to a specialist, we ask that you please honor the appointment or advise both us and the specialist of any change of plans. We will provide the specialist with any pertinent medical records and history in advance of your appointment. Labs – In general, we will order and draw your lab work during the office visit rather than in advance, giving us the opportunity to discuss recommendations during our visit based on your risk factors and needs. We will provide non-urgent results within one week of your visit either by phone or email. If we are checking your cholesterol or blood sugar you must come in fasting which means nothing to eat or drink other than water for
10 to 12 hours prior to the appointment. Drawing blood takes only 5 minutes, but we ask that you make an appointment so that we won’t keep you waiting.

Payment – We do not participate with any insurance providers and our financial relationship lies solely with our patients. To this end, we expect that payment be made at the time of service. We will be glad to give you an estimate of charges prior to your appointment so that you may plan accordingly. For our membership plan patients, there is no additional cost for each visit and our monthly membership fee is designed to cover the full scope of care at Access. Our preferred method of payment is credit card which we will keep on file for future services. We also accept cash and check. Bounced checks / declined credit cards will be assessed an additional $15 fee. We provide an itemized superbill which you may use to file with most insurance carriers for out-of-network benefits. Insurance Pre-Authorization / Administrative Correspondence – While we work only for our patients, we
are not naïve to the fact that many of our patients file for out-of-network benefits, have restrictive referral networks (for as labs, radiology facilities and specialists) or require various medications and procedures to be pre-authorized. We will support our patients’ needs should insurance network coordination be required. The fee for most administrative requests or correspondences is $25. For our membership plan patients, there is no fee for this service.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Wayne Johnson


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