Membership Comparison Traditional Practice MEMBERSHIP
A caring and attentive physician Hopefully Definitly
Limited practice size, allowing for guaranteed access None 500 Patients
On Time Appointments Sometimes Always
House Calls Available House What?!? If Desired
Walk-In Appointments Available None If Desired
Emergency Phone Access On Call Doctor Dr. Johnson, 24/7
Phone or e-mail Consultations None Available
Payment at Time of Service Co-pay None
State of the Art Electronic Medical Records Possibly Absolutely
Prescription Refills Available Within: A Day, Several Calls 2 Hours
Health News/Information via Website Possibly Definitly
Unparalleled Staff Assistance Hopefully Definitly
Specialist Appointment Scheduling Possibly Definitly
Diagnostic Test Scheduling Possibly Definitly
Laboratory Fees Included None $500
Portable Medical Records No On Disc or USB
Monthly Payment Plan Option No Available
Alternative Care Recommendations No Yes
Insurance Courtesy Filed For Your Reimbursement Unnecessary Yes
Discounted Services Within Hilton Head Wellness Center None Many